How to get a good IELTS score with ease

You know that feeling you get when you just keep studying until your head hurts but the score just doesn’t follow your hard effort. You think your English is bad, you are not improving, your score is not changing so the motivation starts to go down. English becomes just one of those boring school subjects that you are forced to do. That is what is totally wrong with this picture and we can blame the school system for that. I can tell you from experience because I am a part of that system for more than ten years, just on a different side.

      The first thing you have to understand and that can improve your motivation is that your IELTS score is more related to your knowledge of how to do the test, not so much your English level. You know, when you get to a certain level of English your score starts to move around the 5.5-6.5 mark until you start to change some things. Don’t think that native speakers would get a good score. If they didn’t prepare for the test and just answer with their normal English their score would be probably the same as your own. 

      A good thing to know is that if you already reached an IELTS speaking score of around 6 we can easily get you to level 7 with my IELTS speaking course. My usual advice for a speaking test is that you practice one lesson every day for one month moving through three speaking parts in the test. If you want your score to improve instantly join and try. After 10 years of experience, I can guarantee tips and advice that will change your way of thinking and you will finally understand how to beat the system and get a good score. It is easy to believe me, just try it and witness your improvement through simple steps that will perfect your timing, fluency, and advanced vocabulary and get you a good score.