One of the things that are wrong with school study of English is the one where they teach you things that you don’t need or you don’t like. Then why are people surprised when we forget them right after the tests. If you want to improve your English for specific topics and real-life situations that can be useful for you then this course is the right thing for you.

      This material contains situations from the real world and everyday life situations. Whenever you need some specific use of English these lessons can help you. English for serious situations like job interviews, important reservations, visits to the bank or post office, or even visits to the doctor’s office and hospitals. Improvement of speaking skills for fun things like movies, music, books, sports, food, electronics, technology, news, or any other everyday topic.

      Inside the practice books, you will find sections with vocabulary about a given topic. Conversations in given situations for reading and vocabulary practice. Roleplay where we do the same thing with our own expressions. Finishing with the free talk questions about the topic. This way in one lesson you practice and improve reading, vocabulary, and speaking. You can choose the 20 lessons real-life situations package which will cost you 160$ including materials or you can create the package that suits your needs the best and choose your number of lessons.