“Speaking languages has no price.”

But services that get you there are not free so these are my booking rates.

One hour of study for IELTS or TOEFL is 18$ per hour. Consultations for them will only take 10$ out of your pocket (the first 30 minutes is free). Just one lesson will change your way of thinking about the test. Improvement in the test score is guaranteed. If you do everything I tell you and you don’t get a good score I will return 50% of your money.

Job Interview or School Interview preparation will cost you the same, 18$ per hour. After very simple preparations your confidence and style will skyrocket and just depending on the interview result you will definitely be accepted.

One hour of regular consultation about your level, improvement, and ways how to study will cost you 10$ from your wallet. We don’t need much more than that to realize what we want and need to speak more fluently.

One hour of chit-chat about anything will decrease your budget by 16$ but increase your vocabulary and fluency. This is basically the number one way of improving your speaking abilities, switching through so many topics ranging from nuclear physics to different ways of cooking eggs will boost your English in no time. 

The regular lesson price is 8$ per 25-minute class. You can book as many lessons as you want and use any material and course plan that you like. It is totally up to you. You will get a discount depending on the number of lessons you book.

      You can BOOK offered and prepared packages based on your level or interests, create your own lesson plans or get a personalized course designed just for you. Anything else you want you can contact me for details through any communication tool that you prefer.

      All the materials for the chosen course are free to use. You can use them as long as you book that course in advance you will also get access to the materials to study from. If you want just the materials you can buy them independently on the site.

      Please if you plan to study regularly, especially if you plan to prepare for IELTS or TOEFL contact me at least one week in advance. My schedule is full every day so I need to find some available time for you. For consultations, I can maybe find a few empty lessons every day. Everything else needs to be booked in advance. Contact me in any way you prefer

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