If you already have good English skills but you just lost some of the fluency because you didn’t speak for a long time then this course could be a winner for you. Any other reason or problem that you have with your speaking level, conversation development, or vocabulary usage you can improve through this course. Idioms and expressions we learn will help you understand English way better and also help you express your thoughts in a more descriptive and natural way.

      Free talk your way through a wide range of questions from everyday topics to advanced conversations about world problems, science, history, economy, technology, food, travel, books, movies, sports, politics, geography, or any other topic that you think it can challenge your English level. I can talk about anything so no worries there it will be very difficult for you to surprise me with some topics I don’t know anything about. Try me if you don’t believe my words.

      You can book any number of the lessons you want. You can use topics materials for conversation or lesson materials about vocabularies or idioms. Length and topics are up to you and your wish to improve. The minimum Chit-Chat package is 10 lessons which will cost you a mere 80$ to improve your speaking level about at least 10 different topics.