Are you often asking yourself how to pass the IELTS test? After teaching for more than seven years online, mostly in Asia, I can understand the biggest problems and pressure that IELTS and TOEFL put on already over-pressured students. For sure, I can also tell you that you stress too much, it’s way less scary than you think. That way of thinking is something that we can blame the school for. English is not like other subjects that you sit and study like history. It’s more like sports, you just need to play every day and you will improve everything. The key is in a good mix and the perfect balance that will improve everything step by step.

      The first thing you need to understand is that even if you give IELTS or TOEFL to a native speaker that didn’t prepare for the test their score would be probably worst than yours. It’s not so much about your English skills it’s more related to the way you learn how to do the test. Speaking in real life is one thing but speaking in the test is fake and we basically cheat our way to a good score. All we need to do is change some simple things and the score becomes way better than most other students.  

      Choose your course, fight your nemesis IELTS and TOEFL and finish them with ease. The number of lessons will depend on your level and needs. Most focus is on speaking tests so the course is designed to help you perfect the speaking levels first. Speaking is the basis for all other improvements but it will depend on you and your level also.

      Basic full package for IELTS or TOEFL will cost you 900$ for the full course. They are designed with 100 lessons per package split in 25 lessons for speaking, writing, listening, and reading. You are free to rearrange the number of lessons for each section that you want to improve. You can also take the split package of 50 lessons for 450$ and divide it in a way you prefer and need to improve.