What is the best way to study? The one question that we all face sometimes during our school time and that we will also discuss in our first lesson. Well, the truth is there is no perfect way to study that can be applied to everyone in the same way. We already have school for that and the result is not so good in the end for the majority of students. Most of the things we learn during our school time will have no connection with real life and will escape our minds after we are finished with our studies. 

      With English, it is a bit different because English is not like other subjects in school that you learn by heart and memorize everything. Ever wondered why you can’t speak fluently? Well, one of the reasons might just be that you overthink everything from all the rules in your head. When you speak your native language you don’t think you just speak and English should be no different.

     The first thing you need to do is that you create an English environment in which you can immerse yourself every day. Studying from the books is just one part of the picture. You need to switch all your interests and hobbies from your real-life and talk about them in English. Watching movies will do wonders with your pronunciation and native sound if you do it in the right way. Reading your favorite books again in English. Listening to music you like in English. You need to switch everything in your life, starting from your smartphone settings all the way to your mindset, and use English for everything.

      English is like a sport it should be an activity that you play every day to improve and become better, not just something that you study. That is why mixed practice works wonders for your English level. If you focus just on one skill you don’t become a better player but if you practice different skills every day it’s always fun and your English level always improves with everything you do. Test practice requires the same, every day drilling until you perfect everything and learn the proper way to answer questions so you can get a better score. 

      Join my course so you can easily improve your English in the best way possible for you. Designed just for you, with personal needs in mind, this course will improve your English on every level. All you need to do is have fun and work with me as we take your English skills to a next level. What are you waiting for, join the club of happy students worldwide and learn what you want, when you want it, and in the preferred way that suits your needs.