One sure thing you can bet on in today’s business world is that without English you are practically nothing and business English and English for marketing are the first ones you need. Business is becoming so international that even small local businesses now need English to survive in the market. Marketing as a basis for international success is also done in English. Even the starting job interview is done in English as well as your online presence and your website.

      You know how when you listen to a successful businessman you are always impressed with their words and vocabulary and that wow factor. They just sound good. Of course, you have some natural speakers but most of them practice their speech. You can also learn formal business English vocabulary and sound way more professional than you sound now. If you don’t sound professional enough people will also have doubts about the services you provide.

      This course is designed with many aspects of business in mind and of course, the focus is only on the useful ones that you can use. Starting from basic formal business English introductions and job interviews to help you get started in the formal world. Improvement of vocabulary for work situations like meetings and presentations where you need to leave a good impression in front of a group of people. Learning communication with phone calls, messages, and emails in a business way with formal structure. Developing Business English communication in a way that makes you more intimidating for others and confident for yourself is the goal of this course.

       You can take the full course of the business which is 60 lessons for the price of 480$ or just parts like Business English Basic 10 lessons for 80$, Telephoning 10 lessons for 80$, Presentations 10 lessons for 80$, Business Meetings 10 lessons for 80$, Business communication 15 lessons for 120$, Presentations 5 lessons for 40$, Negotiations 5 lessons for 40$, English for Marketing 20 lessons for 160$ and personally designed course 10 lessons for 80$.

       If you can’t help and impress yourself, how can you then offer your support to others in the business environment? So what are you waiting for? If you want to be noticed in the business world you need good business English and if you join you will be there in no time. With this course, you can learn how to rule the business English world with formal vocabulary and be the Business King.