Do you like to travel? Need international English skills for your journeys? Search no more. Prepare yourself for the learning experience in a real travel situation that will happen to you during your holiday. As a big fan of traveling myself, I helped numerous times to people who needed help or advice. Do you need some help? Well, search no more this course is created just for you. Join Adi Dzo, choose one package that fits your needs, and let’s travel through the world of English.

      This material is designed with real travel situations in mind. You will go through all the situations starting with airplanes, airports, check-in, hotels, transportation, services, help, and all other details that you need while you travel. Follow Jack and Jill, our two main characters that will face all the situations and visit all the interesting places in our lesson materials. After you finish this course you will have no problem facing immigration, transportation, or hotel reception check-in so you can be stress-free while you enjoy your holidays.

      If you don’t want to study through the whole course you can just buy the materials that are created for this course and use them yourself as a guide for travel conversation. Or you can choose just the number of lessons you need to improve specific vocabulary for real travel situations. If you need some extra travel information you can always ask for a personalized course created just for you with your needs in mind.

      The package will be split into two parts. One part will contain lessons for personal travel and the other world lessons. Both packages will include materials for the lessons for free. You can also buy the materials on the website and use them to learn about travel alone without my help. Price for the full package with included material for download will cost you 350$ for 50 lessons (one or two lessons a day with available or agreed time) package about travel situations to make you a perfect worldwide traveler prepared for any situations with a lot of knowledge about famous places in the world. Or you can modify the course for your own needs and price.

     Personal travel includes around 35 lessons with lesson materials usually designed to fit one lesson into a 30 min time. Topics are ‘In an Airplane’, ‘At the Airport’, ‘At the Hotel’, ‘Finding Transportation’, ‘Emergency situations’, ‘Sightseeing day’, ‘Going back home. You can choose your package lessons or create a mix of your own. The personal travel package costs 210$ for 30 lessons  (one or two lessons a day with available or agreed time).

     World lessons package is here to teach you the basic things about world-famous places that are popular for sightseeing as well as numerous festivals and traditions around the world. It will also contain around 30 lessons with materials included that you can choose from.  The World lesson package costs 210$ for 30 lessons  (one or two lessons a day with available or agreed time).