Your personal English Guru…

      So guys if you think this is just another online English school, you are wrong. Learning with me is way more fun and useful for your English level. If you are sick with your school English learning and want to learn real English that you can use in real life then you are in the right place. Let me tell you a bit about me. In my online career, I met more than 10 000 students in different schools. I was a favorite teacher for more than 3000 regular students with the same number of 5 stars reviews. I faced every possible type of student so I can easily adapt to your level so don’t hesitate but join us and enjoy.

      I have been teaching English online for more than 8 years. My students are of many different ages, levels, interests, and nationalities. Because of my personality and good experience with foreign students, it is very easy for me to help you improve your level in a fast, fun, and friendly way. Age or level should not be a problem for us. Throughout my career, I faced and worked with every possible type of student. Starting from 3 years old entry-level kids who can’t speak a word of English, school kids, advanced-level students, and also 77 years old retired people who study just for fun.

      The key to our success in our study was the personal approach. Helping them relax and improve their conversation skills for everyday topics. Our English test preparation helped them understand the test and achieve a higher level than before.  School and job interviews were perfected using Business English lessons. Using school materials, my own materials, and anything necessary to help the students improve their level, we will not stop until you are satisfied. 

Why are you still thinking? Join us and improve your level in no time.