Let’s have some fun. If you are thinking about starting some English course for your kids, search no more you came to the right place. In my ten years of experience, I faced every possible situation and all kinds of different types of children. From angry kids forced by their parents to study English to the ones who enjoy learning English. Well at the end of the day all of them enjoyed the lessons with me so that is one thing they all have in common.

     The first mistake teachers and parents make is the wrong approach to their children’s study of English. Forcing them to learn will not work with all kids in the same way. School is already pressuring them enough so they need more fun to enjoy English lessons. They need visual aids so I always use camera software that adds a lot of effects to the lesson to make it fun. We go through topics they like until they start to enjoy English. Lessons are designed and prepared to be good and interesting for children’s age and make them love English more.

    With kids making progress with their studies, we need to practice every day to see some improvement on a regular basis. So packages are created with that in mind and they are basically just the number of lessons your kids need. Starting from the weekly package of  7 lessons, one lesson per day which will cost you 56$ or making your own package with the number of lessons you want for your children. One lesson price is 8$. See you in class.