Everyday English conversations

      Did you ever wonder how it is possible that we study English for years in school and we still can’t talk about everyday things? Well, you can blame the school. Their job is to teach you how to get good scores not how to speak good English. It’s sad that we still have problems with everyday conversation after so many years of boring school lessons. Yes boring, it is not a mistake. School simply follows programs not the individual needs of students. Especially your interests, they don’t care about that and they force you to study things you hate, and so, as a result, you hate English.

      That is why I designed this Chit-Chat program for students who want to improve their speaking skills about a wide range of topics of their interest which are later mixed with topics and vocabulary that they don’t know a lot about. When you start with your favorite topics, the ones that you talk about in your native language and you just switch the topics to English you start to improve really fast and remember a lot of vocabulary. That is why even if study we still remember more vocabulary from movies, games, or books because we are interested in those topics. So if you want to speak with ease about things you like, join me, and let’s perfect your Chit-Chat skills.